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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will rain or sprinklers wash away chemical after my yard was recently sprayed?

    Normal rain and sprinklers do not have much of an adverse effect on chemical.  Once insecticide dries it lasts for approximately one month.  Heavy downpours may have more of an effect of washing away chemical.

2.  If I see something swarming is it always a termite?

  Not necessarily, ants can also swarm and do have wings.  The main differences between an ant and termite swarmer are that ant swarmers have segmented bodies and elbowed antennae.                     
                            Ant swarmer queen

3.  What are the benefits of going on a monthly pest control service?

An initial infestation can take weeks or months to get under control. Monthly service provides a constant barrier of protection from pests.  Monthly maintenance has better results of keeping the bugs away and quickly eliminating problem spots that may pop up during certain seasons.

4.  Why do you leave up a wasps nest after it is sprayed?

   The chemical does not repel the wasps so they will continue returning to the nest. Leaving up a nest will generally kill all wasps within 3-4 days.  If the nest is knocked down before all the wasps are killed they will build another nest nearby.

5.  Do my animals and I need to leave the house or yard when you spray?

    Usually people and pets would need to leave for a one-time treatment or the initial service visit of a monthly service plan.  It is safe to return when the chemical is dry.  This generally takes 30 minutes to one hour outside and anywhere from 2-4 hours inside depending on extent of the infestation and weather conditions.  It is generally not necessary to leave for monthly service visits after the initial treatment.

6.  How do I know when I have termites?

    A termite infestation can be identified by one or more of the following: when termite damage is visible, swarmers are noted, and depending on the type of termite, tubes can emerge from floors/walls/ceilings (subterranean termites), or piles of pellets will be seen (drywood termites).  There are also differences between drywood and subterranean termite swarmers and wood damage.  Please click on our Termite Control tab for pictures and more information.

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